Success By Seeds is a division of Success By Media LLC, a world class Training and Media company. Our purpose is to provide Rain Partners (Distributors) the best training and sales tools available in the industry. Jay Noland, an Industry Legend, heads up Success By Seeds and is committed to helping those that are a part of Rain reach their desired level of success in the fastest time possible.


With over 20 years of experience and billions of dollars of sales under his belt, building some of the fastest growing organizations and companies in the world, Jay Noland's trainings are an extremely valuable asset to the Success By Seeds training portal.


You will find a vast array of cutting edge information and technology available on this site. Be sure to log into our Virtual Training Portal located under the "Training" tab so you can realize the power that you have in your hands by being a member of the Rain Family.



Rain International is the first company to focus on the source of all nutrition, SEEDS. Rain integrates the potency of seed­-based nutrition across all its products which makes Rain's products to most effective and powerful in the market globally.


We are confident in this statement, because of the incredible amount of testimonials that pour in daily from the use of these products.


By going  to the source of nutrition utilizing the most beneficial plants allows Rain to unlock powerful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in their most raw and effective state..


When people use the Rain Products, we've noticed that many naturally begin telling others about their experience. Because of this natural referral process, the income opportunity easily makes itself availalbe to those who desire to add a new revenue stream to their lifestyle. Rain's strong compensation plan fits perfectly into a person life who's looking to either supplement their income, replace their income (no more job), or to reach financial freedom.


Utilizing the powerful Training Portal of Success By Seeds along with the incredible products and compensation plan of Rain, makes this opportunity the best of its kind.